Stressed Out, Stressed Out, Stressed Out!

My shoulders live above my ears now. As a matter of fact, they just put a dreamcatcher up above their bed. Tomorrow, they plan to make a “thing” out of going to IKEA to look for rugs. They feel good about the move. Just enough room in the back for a compost heap and a vegetable garden. The kids will love it. Me, not so much. I am reeling from sudden, startling change. No one prepares anyone for morphing into a new creature because of a new creature. I’ve been watching lots of animal documentaries at night. They help ward off the nightmares of someone bursting into my home with guns, because, well, that happens a whole lot now. I have come to realize I am living like an ibex. More aptly, a baby ibex who can’t feed itself just yet- but knows how to move just so on big, ashy, flat pieces of rock, so as to evade the dangers of life. In other words, I am a ballerina.

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